Bernini compatible capsules for Nespresso machines 100caps

Bernini compatible capsules for Nespresso machines 100caps

Enjoy your favorite espresso easily and inexpensively at home or in your office with new capsules CAFFE BERNINI .

The preparation of espresso with our capsule enables you to have consistent quality coffee without the grinding process or measuring dose, fast, clean and mostly class quality of a professional coffee machine .

Capsules CAFFE BERNINI are compatible with all most widespread household machines and are available in 6 types for you to choose what suits you best : Espresso, Lungo, Decaffeinated, Fortissimo, Fortissimo Lungo, Extremo and Colombia.

We also offer excellent aromatic coffee: Hazelnut and Vanilla.

Espresso (intensity level 8):

Arabica coffee blend of Kenya and Colombia - roasted dark and intense flavor.

Lungo (intensity level 7):

Arabica coffee blend of Colombia and India - roasted dark and mellow flavor.

Decaffeinated (intensity level 6):

Café Bernini without caffeine. It retains the classic rich and intense coffee aroma.

Fortissimo (intensity level 9):

100% Arabica coffee blend of Kenya and Colombia - roasted dark and intense flavor.

Fortissimo Lungo (intensity level 9):

100% Arabica dark long roasted beans and intense flavor.

Extremo (intensity level 8):

Treat yourself to the luxury of a real quality coffee, aroma and flavor that you will travel.The premium series Espresso Extremo produced in limited quantities and addressed the true lovers of espresso, you can appreciate the exquisite blend of beans from 100% Robusta. With rich creamy mellow flavor and airy fragrance, the Espresso Extremo assures true delight in excellent combination of quality - price. Take advantage of the special introductory offer, you can taste a new coffee experience at the lowest market price!

Colombia (Intensity level 10):

Arabica coffee blend of Kenya and Robusta of Colombia - roasted dark and intense flavour.

Contains 95% Robusta and 5% Arabica to give the stronger and tastier result!


Balance of flavours with persistent and pleasant aftertaste, hazelnut and coffee are the right combination since immemorial time.


Full-bodied coffee flavoured cream of vanilla recalling tropical sensations.

We also offer some attractive mix pack for people want to try all flavours:

Mix Flavor Pack:

50 Espresso + 50 Lungo

Mix Flavor Pack 1:

15 Espresso, 15 Lungo, 10 Fortissimo, 10 Fortissimo Lungo,10 Decaffeinated, 10 Black Tea, 10 Relaxing Herbal Tea,10 Forest Fruits Tea,  10 Earl Grey Green Tea

Mix Flavor Pack 2: 

30 Espresso, 20 Lungo, 20 Fortissimo, 20 Fortissimo Lungo, 10 Decaffeinated

Premium Pack: 

10 Espresso, 10 Lungo, 10 Fortissimo, 10 Fortissimo Lungo, 10 Decaffeinated, 10 Extremo, 10 Colombia, 10 Hazelnut, 10 Vanilla, 10 Black Tea

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